Our Mission

We are reimagining an amateur athlete’s relationship with their Name in Likeness (NIL), the business community, financial management literacy and their relationship to a sport they are betting everything on. We will provide grant money to these athletes then connect them with a network of financial, tax and legal professionals to help them invest, grow and manage that wealth.

Only1.6% of all athletes will play professionally, yet the majority (85%) of the 47% coming from disadvantaged economic areas believe their best chance at future success is at the professional level. Regardless of how or why this message is being sold, it must change. In addition to athletics, these athletes have exhibited the fundamental attributes necessary to achieve future success.
Our mission is to highlight these traits for them, teach them how to exploit them and fund that journey.   
These young people should extract maximum benefit from athletics but not make the mistake of thinking it is their best chance for success. Athletics brought them here but it is not who they are as people.